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Xlibris Book Review: A Bridge


Jump, hop, spin, dance

Fly, rope and teeter

The bright sun

Is the right one

Bringing warmth and light

Until the night

When we settle down

And try and make things right

Play the clown

Maybe fun around

And, live the life

Jump, hop, spin, dance

Bringing warmth and light

Frank Bloomer. A Bridge. Bloomington: Xlibris Book Publishing, ISBN 978-1-46536-476-0. 2011. E-Book.

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Xlibris Book Review: A Different View

David P. Gonzales. A Different View. Bloomington: Xlibris Publishing, ISBN 978-1-46534-354-3. 2011. Perfect Bound Softcover.

Book Teaser:

No Words

No words
No magic
No amount of hugs
Your loss is immense
It will take its toll
But you will find it
Inside you
A strength
To overcome
For your Mom is at peace
No strugles
No worries
In time d1ewill glow in your
Things will find their place
And happiness will fill
The grief you now
So hold on with both hands
For this journey will hurt


I Dream

I dream
A quiet dream
Not void ofsound
But void of a heartbeat
To enter is to trust

To trust is to chance
To chance is to leap
The leap could hurt

Maybe one day

Someone may have an
Heart and soul
With no hidden agenda
But with asoul
To meet

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50 Golden Pieces – Xlibris Book Review

Child Of Mine

There’s a peaceful feeling,
Warm as the end of spring
That surges from my heart,
Gains every body part.

It caresses my soul
And slowly takes control
Of my heart sturdy pace
To make over my face.

It entertains my mind,
Shuts the whole world behind
Leaves me in ecstasy
With your face, my Chérie.

It gives me strength I need
And my libido feels,
Takes me for a joy ride;
The reaction I hide.

So you see the trace
Of a smile on my face
It’s because the Divine
By his grace made you mine.

JeanMichel. 50 Golden Pieces Bloomington: Xlibris Publishing, ISBN 978-1-42575-732-8. 2008. Casebound Hardcover.

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Xlibris Book Review: Did You know?

We Are All Pioneers

We are all Pioneers
On the road of Change
In our Conestoga bodies
And our moon shot minds
Bringing Spirits that are willing
To homestead in Forever-
Wc are all Pioneers
On the Road of Change.

We are all Explorers
In this world of ours
Reading maps of “Then”
As we travel through the “Now”
Searching for the Answers
At the edge of the horizon-
We are all explorers
In this world of ours.


– Norma Marshall. Did You know? Bloominton: Xlibris Publishing, ISBN 978-1-45000-747-4. 2010. Perfect Bound Softcover.


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Xlibris UK Book Review: 45 New Poems


And hang a pearl brain could twist.
The dare its deadly eye’s and some for there has been no water.
Golden dish had heard I spent no time just to keep the knights with daggers

Hunter’s Camp

Sing a song of the year.
And grass is growing.
The frost looked forth of water they’ve left for no watchman,
ls waiting for you,
Not his all the ships up in a five park and she made him a feast,
And she said in the middle of the woods lived the billows smooth,
And but if I were with all the colors of all in my hunter’s camp luminous and cool.

The King

Then king a youth upon the earth,
stand the all my nightly dreams.
a green In the spring let them smile as I do,
new stretched in his last found home,
all the world without,
with tropic heat and ever when.
then king a youth upon the earth.
shut in from all the world.

– Excerpt from the book.


Jerry Lee Wilkins. 45 New Poems. Bloomington: Xlibris Publishing, ISBN 978-1-45681-824-1. 2010. Perfect Bound Softcover.

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