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Xlibris Book Trailer: AD 2040: Clear and Present Danger

R. Grantham West. AD 2040: Clear and Present Danger. Bloomington: Xlibris Publishing, ISBN 978-1-45687-778-1. 2011. E-Book.


It’s 2039 and America is on the verge of collapse and civil war.
The HIV/AIDS epidemic has ravaged the country,
and over a quarter of the country’s population are feared infected.
Led by religious-right fundamentalists,
the government has mandated nationwide testing for the virus,
and their solution to the spreading disease is a systematic extermination.
Reverend Gerald fall and and his wife, Lilliab are caught up in the national hysteria
and face a harrowing journey that will lead them closer to the evil
behind the American police state.


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Xlibris Book Trailer: Selected Episodes Relating to the Life of Vladimir Daniilovich Myukis Deceased

Daniel Marcus. Selected Episodes Relating to the LIfe of Vladimir Daniilovich Myukis, Deceased. Bloomington: Xlibris Publishing, ISBN 978-1-47972-152-8. 2013. Perfect Bound Softcover.

Dive into a witty historical fiction chronicling the life of a Soviet Artist during most of his working life Vladimir Myukis was employed by the KGB creating advertising propaganda posters and forging the signatures on KGB agents’ passports although he created several thousand works of art only four survive satirizing life and fine art in the Soviet Union and the United States. Discover this humorous account of a former KGB artist as he goes from World War II Orphan to top-secret artist to New York Jewish Deli employee.

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Xlibris Book Trailer: The Life of Miriam

Author Miriam Gerber has lived an extraordinary life.
Growing up as i Jewish girl in Germany…
Meriam details her first hand experiences with Nazi regime…
And how she survived life in a concentration camp.
Follow along as she shares her incredible life story…
And demonstrates how even in the darkest of times,
there is always hope and love in the arms of family.
In, 1946 they were able to come to th U.S. where,
under great difficulties, she built a new life for herself.
Now M.G. lives in a Jewish senior facility in Portland, Oregon.

Miriam Gerber. The Life of Miriam. Bloomington: Xlibris Publishing, ISBN 978-1-45009-058-2. 2010. Perfect Bound Softcover

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Xlibris Book Trailer: Arcane

When a mysterious man uses
incredible powers to slaughter
innocent americans…
The President is forced to reveal
the existence of the Arcane…
A secret society of magically gifted people.
Now the government that rules over the Arcane…
Is at odds with the government
of the United States of America…
and they must find a way to work together
before it’s to late.


Ray Fernandez. Arcane. Bloomington: Xlibris Publishing, ISBN 978-1-47973-855-7. 2012. Casebound Hardcover.


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Xlibris Book Trailer: Gangsters: It’s Not Just a Game

Nelson Rodriguez. Gangsters: It’s Not Just a Game. Bloomington: Xlibris Publishing, ISBN 978-1-46536-907-9. 2012. Perfect Bound Softcover.

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