Xlibris Pre-Pub Publicity Packages

“When is the best time to start marketing my book?” “Should I wait until I have printed copies ready to show to people?” Just a couple of the many questions that authors ask themselves once they have decided to commit their ideas to paper and bind them into the covers of a book. Fortunately Xlibris provides answers.

In all likelihood you have already started your book’s marketing campaign. If you are like most authors, you have either given a friend or family member a brief outline of your story or have even asked them to read it for their valued opinion. And therein the first seeds of your marketing campaign are planted.

The best time then to start marketing your book is NOW. Even if you have not yet shown your manuscript or shared your thoughts with another soul, you can start your marketing campaign today.

So why wait to market your book? The point of publication is to share your thoughts and ideas with others and have them recorded for posterity. But you do not need your book to be printed before you can start telling people about your ideas. You don’t even have to have penned your first sentence.

The designers of a prestigious new country club do not wait until the golf course’s fairways have been laid and the greens manicured before they start selling their exclusive memberships. They pre-sell memberships based on a concept, on an impression of what they are creating. Then, immediately the clubhouse doors open, the first foursome are lining up their drives on tee box number one.

Your book should be no different. Promote its message from the outset to create interest amongst your readership while drafting your manuscript or during the publishing process. After all, it is your message that they are buying, not the physical book itself. Readers do not buy the paper and ink used to print the book; they buy the message, the story and images that you have created, the experience. Let them know what is in store and they will be itching to buy your book as soon as it is released.

More than 1 million books were published in 2009. That means that this year your book will literally be 1 in a million. Although an achievement of which to be proud, the odds do not favor readers simply chancing upon your story. Even an avid reader that devours books at a rate of 2 per month will only get through 48 titles in a year. At that rate it will take them at least 20,000 years just to get through 2009’s titles alone. Then they can make a start on the books being published in 2010!

So now that it is time to get your story to market, how do you go about sharing it with as many people as you possibly can? Here again, Xlibris offers you a helping hand.

Even if you have not touched pen to paper or pressed a single button on your keyboard, we give you four opportunities to pique the interest of your potential readers:

  • Pre-Publishing Press Release Campaign 100 £ 299.00
    Generate a media buzz that will reverberate throughout the market and convert interest into book orders.
  • Pre-Publishing Optimized Newswire £ 699.00
    Send an instantaneous Newswire to thousands of websites, newspapers, TV, and radio stations announcing the breaking news about your forthcoming masterpiece.
  • Pre-Publishing Author Radio Interview with Stu Taylor £ 1,599.00
    Put your message across the airwaves and speak to a national audience. Tell your story to radio personality Stu Taylor while millions listen. We’ll also include the Pre-publicity Press Release Campaign 100 to boost awareness of your book.
  • Pre-Publishing Publicity Package £ 2,499.00
    Maximise your use of these 3 essential pre-publishing marketing tools that will catch the attention of your audience and put your book on their radar. This package includes the Pre-Publishing Press Release Campaign 100, Pre-Publishing Optimized Newswire, and the Pre-Publishing Author Radio Interview with Stu Taylor.

So call your Xlibris Author Consultant and discover the best way to promote your future book today.

Original post here: www.xlibrispublishing.co.uk/services-addon-prepub_publicity.aspx


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